STUDENTS at Commonweal School celebrated another year of achievements with an awards ceremony last week.

On Thursday, October 15, the Old Town academy celebrated youngsters’ achievements, hard work and dedication in the prizegiving ceremony.

The event took place at Commonweal C6 and saw pupils presented with an array of different awards recognising their accomplishments.

Keith Defter, Commonweal principal, said: “One of my favourite nights of the year.

“The opportunity to celebrate the individual and collective successes of Commonweal students is a privilege and every student, parent and member of staff involved has every cause to be proud of what has been achieved.”

Prizes were: Mortimer Prize for English: Sophie Browne; Dialogue Prize for French: Kitty Borland; Dialogue Prize for Spanish: Georgia Morgan-Adams; Science: William Penfold; The Commonweal Cups for Science: Georgia Morgan, Tom Fitzgerald, Shani Thompson-Carter; Geography: Shani Thompson-Carter; History: Thomas Read; Boon Cup for RE: Madeleine Frost; Bacchus Cup for Mathematics: Tom Fitzgerald; Maths Progress Prize: Nathaniel Priest; Beasant Prize for ICT: Sophie Browne; Business Studies Prize: Sinead Bond; Woodman-Harris Prize for D&T Food: Ben Tubb; Woodman-Harris Prize for Textiles: Hannah Webb; Jack Ackroyd Award for Artistic Excellence: Charlie Asprey; The Alan Willies Cup for Art: Dominic Waddell; The D/T Graphics Prize: Matthew Howe; Alan Willies Cup for Technology – Computing: Daniel Woolhead; Drama: Sam Thornton; Bishop Prize for Drama: Tara Bermingham; Dance: Saskia Kevern / Charlie Asprey; Performing Arts: Simone Lyons; Fairclough Prize for Music: Joy Pryce; Randell-Sly Cup for Service to the Band: Alice Victory / Ben Mulcock; Ian Mills Memorial Trophy: Tara Bermingham; P.E: Eleanor Akeroyd; Jack Hayes; The Governors’ Team Award: Year 8 Girls’ Netball Team – Issy Panes, Holly Rowland, Bailey Trollope, Lana James, Marni Ward, Hannah Davies, Meg Sheppard, Jennifer Langman; The Holder Prize for Endeavour: Connor Smith; Warren Cup for Perseverance: Ahmad Abdo; The Raymond Willies Memorial Trophy: Megan Snaith.