LITTLE Maddie Baycroft was one of a lucky team of youngsters chosen to walk out with some of South Africa's titans at Twickenham last weekend.

The rugby fan, who attends Brinkworth Earl Danby Primary School, escorted the players ahead of their 20-18 semi-final defeat to New Zealand in the World Cup last Saturday.

The 10-year-old was one of 96 youngsters chosen as official mascots to the competition after an audition at a Land Rover Premiership Rugby Cup last season.

while emotions were high ahead of running out in front of thousands of spectators, Baycroft carried out her job superbly, walking out with the teams and then lining up in front of the South African players for the national anthems.

She then took her own seat in the stand to cheer on the action.

“It was really fun and a great experience,” she said. “The best bit was going out with the captain and walking on to the pitch.

“It was really noisy and I was nervous in the tunnel but when I was out there all the nerves went away and I was just really excited.

“This was an opportunity that not many people get and I am really proud to have had the chance to be a World Cup mascot – it was great.”

Land Rover’s selection of mascots from around the country forms part of their ‘We Deal In Real’ campaign that aims to put grassroots rugby on the global stage during this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Land Rover is a Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup 2015 and is recruiting all 96 official mascots for the Tournament as part of its 'We Deal In Real' campaign. Follow @LandRoverRugby #WeDealInReal.

Lawrence Dallaglio is one man who knows about the pressure of performing in front of a large audience, having helped England lift the trophy in 2003, and the Land Rover ambassador admitted he had been impressed with how Baycroft rose to the occasion.

“It is a big responsibility to be picked as a mascot for a home Rugby World Cup but Maddie did a fantastic job,” said Dallaglio.

“So many people will have been watching in the stadium and all around the world and Oliver can always say that he played a part in the country hosting the competition in 2015.

“I’ve no doubt the experience will live with the mascots for a very long time and hopefully it can inspire them going forward, whether that’s maybe one day playing for their country or just continuing to enjoy the sport of rugby which is what it’s all about really.

“It’s great to have young players from all around the country involved in Rugby World Cup 2015 by inviting them to be mascots.

“All those international players competing on the pitch would have come through from grassroots level, so the mascots will have got a real sense of what can be achieved.”