SPECTRE is taking over the world, whatever you might think happens in the latest James Bond movie.

The 24th title in the series has been breaking box office records around the globe, including the UK, where it set a new record for films released on a Monday, taking more than £41m in its first week.

Daniel Craig’s fourth turn as the all-action British spy also broke opening day UK box office records by pulling in £6.3m in its first 24 hours.

This pattern could well continue in Swindon too, where the vast majority of the 229 screenings around the town in the first week sold out.

It opened in 647 cinemas on 2,500 screens in the UK, making it the widest release of all time in the UK and Ireland.

“It has done very, very well. It’s creeping up to be one of our busiest films since we opened and that tells you the spectrum of people coming to see it,” said Holly Brant, operations manager at the Regent Circus Cineworld.

“We have seen a wide variety of people coming in to see it, from kids to the older generation.

“You have so many Bond films that people have seen and all these people want to come and see this one too.

“There have been some very, very positive comments coming out too from people.

“A lot of them are even saying Daniel Craig is the best Bond, but I’m not too sure about that yet. I haven’t seen it myself, but there are so many other good options.”

Matt Bayliss, general manager at the Regent Circus multiplex, said: “As a new site, there is no precedent for us to compare it to, but it has been selling out every show in the first few days.

"We knew it was going to be busy obviously, but we think it certainly has gone beyond what we expected.”

With demand sky rocketing in the first seven days of its release on October 26, there has been a slight drop in the second week.

“We are not quite selling out at the moment, but still very, very busy on the evenings and weekends,” said Holly.

The three most busiest films in the Regent Circus Cineworld’s existence are lead by Jurassic World, then 50 Shades of Grey and Furious 7.

“We will have it for at least the next few weeks, so it has every chance of becoming the busiest,” said Holly.

“The next big release we have will be the Hunger Games, so it will still have loads of screenings for a while yet.”