A BRAVE Swindon teenager will put her fear of heights to the ultimate test by throwing herself out of an airborne aeroplane at the weekend.

Nisha Deller, 17, of Ramsbury Avenue in Penhill, lost her grandmother Ivy Deller to breast cancer at the age of 92 in August.

Ivy had fought the disease for four years, three of those went beyond health professionals’ predictions, and inspired Nisha to such an extent that the school pupil wanted to celebrate her life.

The Swindon Academy sixth-form student pinpointed Prospect Hospice and Edgehill Care Home for fundraising because of the care they provided for Ivy.

“To be fair, it sounds stupid, but I went online to look at ways to raise money for charity,” she said.

“I don’t like heights, so I’m hoping this is going to help. If this doesn’t cure it, I don’t know what will.”

Nisha will take to the skies above Redlands Airfield in Wanborough, where Skydive London runs its flights from for thrill-seekers and fundraisers.

She will fall from thousands of feet in the sky on Saturday, with more than £100 already raised for the charities.

Anyone wishing to donate, can visit www.justgiving.com/nisha-deller, which is dedicated to the Prospect fund.

She opted for the Wroughton hospice because of the care Ivy received from it at the end of her life.

“They were really supportive towards the end and looked after her really well, making sure her medication was on time and things like that,” said Nisha.

Anyone keen to push the Edgehill fund on, can e-mail Nisha directly at nishaere@hotmail.com.

Nisha said Ivy had always gone out of her way to help others, which proved to be another inspiration for her to then raise money through the sky dive.

The teen is not on her own however, with Swindon Academy backing her all of the way, after commissioning a non-uniform day for the whole school.

Her biggest challenge has been convincing people she will actually jump out of the plane, with endless questions on whether Nisha will actually go through with it, even her mum is asking the question.