A DAUGHTER who watched her mum stabbed to death was moments later threatened she would be next if the accused sisters were jailed, a court heard today.

Kylie Hayes, of Evelyn House in Park South, took to the stand in the trial of the women who allegedly murdered her mother Alison Connolly, 49, before her eyes in May.

Charice, 19, and Amberstasia Gassmann, 23, both of Park South, deny murder, while the former admits manslaughter following Ms Connolly’s death on May 12.

On the morning of the fourth day of the trial at Bristol Crown Court, Miss Hayes gave evidence and revealed the chilling warning she received from Amberstasia in the minutes after Charice had knifed her mother.

“She (Amberstasia) looked down at my mum and then said to me ‘if my sister goes down for this, I’m going to come back for you,” said Miss Hayes.

“She was going to kill me basically. That’s what I heard.”

Miss Hayes, who broke down in tears on several occasions, recounted the events which preceded her mother’s death and touched upon the vandalism to her partner’s motorcycle, which was mentioned earlier in the trial.

On the day before the stabbing, Jacob Davies found his bike covered in coleslaw and brown sauce, in the latest episode of what is thought to be a long-running feud with neighbour Danielle Page.

She moved on to the day of the incident and the altercation between Ms Connolly and Charice in the Premier convenience store in Cavendish Square.

Miss Hayes said their confrontation was heated and after Charice had offered her mum outside to fight, Ms Connolly headbutted the defendant.

The incident had distressed Ms Connolly to such an extent she wet herself and needed to go to her daughter’s flat in nearby Evelyn House to change her clothes.

Once at the flat, Charice arrived with Amberstasia and two other friends in tow at Evelyn House.

Miss Hayes said: “Amber was banging on the door and shouting ‘get the f*** down here now.’

“I saw her from the window, shouting it.”

She said her mum was agitated and wanted to put an end to the disagreement, so she went out to meet the group, against her daughter’s better wishes.

Miss Hayes remained behind her mother throughout the ensuing fracas, which she said was finished very quickly, but she was not aware of the damage caused until afterwards.

“She shouted out ‘she stabbed me’ and when I looked up I saw she had blood and a rip on her top,” said Miss Hayes.

“She seemed fine at this point. She was still walking around.”

She also reiterated the evidence of previous witnesses and said Amberstasia did hit her mum before she collapsed, but with an open-handed slap, rather than a punch.

“Amber hit my mum across the head before she collapsed, when she was stumbling to the floor,” she said.

“I looked at her face and saw it had gone white as she limped to the floor.

“I shouted at Amber ‘look what you have done to mum’ and she said ‘your mum’s faking that s***.’

“Amber stayed there for a bit and when she realised mum wasn’t faking it she looked shocked and said ‘Danielle, get everyone out of your house before the police get here.’”

The trial continues.