SOLDIER Tye Renforth’s boast that he will never change his ways despite breaking a man’s jaw in three places has prompted a petition by the victim’s family to have his sentence appealed. 

The 21-year-old was spared prison at a hearing in Swindon Crown Court on Monday because of his promising Army career, but within days he was boasting that he won’t change.

Posting on Facebook, he said: “Hahah I don’t change never have lol I take the game seriously lol x”

The lack of remorse mirrors the claims made by Tom Golding that Renforth laughed as he left the Cricklade football pitch after an attack on April 5, leaving him disfigured for life.

Renforth was about to be sent off for a reckless late tackle on Mr Golding when he launched his attack.

He grabbed the Royal Mail worker with his left hand and punched him in the face with force three times, smashing his jaw.

Referee Mike Waldron said the attack was the worst he had seen in 40 years in the game.

Tom, 21, was left needing surgery to fit three metal plates in his face and said Renforth walked off the pitch laughing.

The soldier pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding but escaped with one-year community order, unpaid work and a fine after a court heard he had a "promising" Army career.

Tom slammed the lenient sentence and his sister Francesca has launched a petition urging the courts to rethink.

He said today: "My reaction to the sentence was shock and surprise.

"I'm a little worried that someone can do that to someone and based on their career - setting an example and being in control - can then break a jaw in three places.

"It was the worst experience of my life.

"I was doing the only thing in life I'm confident and feel I'm good at and then some thug then doesn't like it and takes it away from you for four months.

"My football has never been the same since but he has a promising career."

Swindon Crown Court heard the shocking incident took place in a lowly league game at Cricklade Leisure Centre on Sunday, April 5.

Renforth was playing for Cricklade Park Rangers against Swindon Athletic in Division Six of the Swindon Sunday League.

The two sides were locked at 5-5 when Renforth erupted in violence and lashed out at Tom after being repeatedly beaten by him to the ball.

At one point Renforth dragged him to the ground before tackling him again and then stamped on his head.

Tom, from Castle Combe, near Chippenham, said: "Despite this I've then gone to shake his hand.

"He refused to shake my hand for some unknown reason so at this point I'm not that happy but proceed to play anyway.

"Second half I'm taking him on again and beating him, he's giving me grief and language etc.

"At this point I'm starting to reply and just letting him know 'you've been in my back pocket all game'.

"At this point it was then the incident which took place."

Mr Waldron told the court Renforth tackled Tom late and with excessive force in the 89th minute.

He said Renforth grabbed his opponent with his left hand and punched him to the lower part of the face three times with a lot of force.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told the court the ref said it was the worst piece of violence he had ever seen in 40 years of officiating.

Tom needed three metal plates inserted into his face in an operation under a general anaesthetic.

Renforth, of Tadpole Garden Village, near Blunsdon, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

Mike Jeary, defending, told the court that his client had no previous convictions and had a promising career ahead of him in the forces.

Judge Peter Blair QC imposed a one-year community order with 240 hours of unpaid work and ordered he pay £750 compensation with a £60 victim surcharge.

A petition launched by his sister rose from 147 signatures on Wednesday morning to 694 by 9.30am on Thursday.

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