IT’S all gone Pete Tong for one Cricklade pensioner who has taken inspiration from the world’s biggest DJs to become Dizzy Twilight.

Christine Tew, 64, spent her summer in Ibiza with 68-year-old husband Malcolm, taking in the sights and sounds of the planet’s greatest clubbing destination.

Age has proved no barrier for the mother-of-four, who, after retiring from her role as a registrar with Swindon Borough Council 10 years ago, has taken courses with the Ministry of Sound to master the craft.

“I never thought I would do any more than be playing in the bedroom at home or in the kitchen sometimes,” she said.

“But when people were asking me to do gigs for them I took it more seriously, did all the right courses and learned how to do it properly.

“I want to be seen as a credible DJ.”

Those familiar with her surname will remember her son Alex, who in 2005, at the age of 21, created The Million Dollar Homepage, a webpage consisting of a million pixels that received worldwide acclaim and raised $1 million dollars for its creator.

Alex was one of the four sons whose music taste proved so powerful for their mother in their Bath Road home as they grew up.

“The boys all had different bits of equipment at the house and I was always hovering over them,” said Christine, who spent much of her career as a nurse.

“I would ask them to play a track again if I liked hearing it in the house.

“When they’re all back at Christmas I have everything I need at the home to play a gig and they’re always shouting at me to turn my music down.”

Since her retirement, the grandmother has amassed an enviable collection of music on the computer system she takes from venue to venue for the gigs she is paid to play.

She continues to watch DJ sets on YouTube of the likes of Avicii and Tong to seek out tips and tricks on making her set even stronger.

She spent a lot of time in front of Tong in Ibiza over the summer as he played to packed out shows, but he was not getting all the attention.

Christine and Malcolm, in a scene akin to the parents in Kevin & Perry Go Large, were getting second glances all over and even received plenty of free drinks from revellers.

The silver spinner met world-renowned DJ Danny Rampling several years ago and his success has provided a lot of motivation for Christine.

“I don’t take myself too seriously because I respect other DJs and what they have achieved,” she said.

“This is why I’m going to as many gigs as possible, watching people performing.

“I would drag my husband around to gigs in Ibiza. He’s not really a music person. He likes more of the classics.”

Dizzy has already played at The Creative Floor Awards and the British Universities’ Karting Championship in 2015, with parties and weddings also on her event list.

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