ALL Wiltshire’s MPs voted in favour of the Syrian air strikes, which were launched overnight on Wednesday.

MP Justin Tomlinson told the Adver today: “It would have been unforgivable to not proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with France.

“We simply couldn’t turn a blind eye to the horrors which are unfolding in Syria – murder, rape and a reign of terror.

“We have to help support the millions and millions of innocent people affected by the situation in Syria and it is right that we are standing up to be counted,” he said.

Robert Buckland, South Swindon MP, said the result may not have been a surprise but the size of the majority was for many of the members in the chamber.

But he refuted any claims made by sections of the media that there was laughing and cheering as the vote was announced.

“There was a very sombre, emotional mood in the House. It was like a cauldron after such a long day of debates,” he said.

“Some of the suggestions there was laughing and cheering in the chamber as the votes were read is completely wrong.

“This was a serious and solemn decision which had to be made.”

The House of Commons voted by 397 to 223 in favour of extending RAF action across the border from Iraq after a 10-hour debate on Wednesday in which 66 Labour MPs defied Jeremy Corbyn and backed David Cameron’s call for air strikes.

Four RAF Tornados took off soon afterwards from Akrotiri in Cyprus for the dawn bombing mission.