A MAN who refused to move his car from a pedestrian crossing because a police officer did not say 'please', has been fined after he failed to turn up to his own trial.

Ricky Bailey, 33 of Somerville Road was due to appear at Swindon Magistrates' Court yesterday afternoon but failed to show up.

Instead magistrates dealt with the charge of stopping a vehicle in a pedestrian crossing controlled area in his absence.

On May 29 last year, Bailey was the driver of a Vauxhall Zafira which was parked on a pelican controlled area on Bath Road outside The Foyer.

He pleaded not guilty on January 8 which was adjourned for a trial but after hearing from the police officer who attended the scene, magistrates had no choice but to find Bailey guilty of the charge.

PC Thomas Carver said: “There was a vehicle that was parked outside The Foyer and there were about two or three people stood around it so that’s what made us take notice.

“It was parked on the zigzags at that time and the markings are very clear on the road not to park there.

“I slowed down like in any situation and then stopped to explain to them they would get three penalty points for being on those lines.

“I then went to the roundabout to turn around so I was on the right side of the road and I expected him to drive off at that point but he didn’t.”

Instead, magistrates were told that Bailey sat in the driver’s seat and refused to leave the car, locking the doors and windows in the process.

PC Carver said: “I again said could you move your vehicle to which he said ‘well you are parked on zigzags aren’t you, aren’t you going to give yourself a ticket?’

“I was shocked by the aggression and rudeness and I asked him to move his vehicle further down the road. He said no and asked that I say please first.

“I then said if you do not move your vehicle, we will have to give you a ticket.

“I walked back to the car as it had not moved and he said 'say please'." Bailey then swore at PC Carver.

After calling for additional units to attend, Bailey then moved the car and was issued a ticket at the scene.

Prosecuting Keith Ballinger told magistrates that PC Carver had given Bailey enough chances to move the car.

Chairman of the bench Viv Street said: “This would normally be classified as an 'A' category fine but because of Mr Bailey’s attitude and refusal to move the car we are to find him £400 for the offence.”

He was also handed a victim surcharge of £40 and £400 costs. Bailey will also have three penalty points added to his license.