LUCY Porter had a list of things she thought she would never be: monogamous, a mother, cat lover, slow-walker, miser, foot-spa owner. Someone who listens to chart music. Someone who’s been arrested/ dumped/ sacked from their dream job. A meat-eater, a real-ale enthusiast, a caravanner, an evangelist, a teacher. One by one, Lucy has crossed each of the lines she had drawn in the imaginary sand. In her new tour, Consequences , she works out whether there have been any real, yes you guessed it, consequences.

And she doesn’t stop there. The show covers a host of other hot topics: censorship, generational conflict, theological ethics, safe spaces, transphobia, real ale vs ginger ale, trivia quizzes, Brit pop of the 1990s, falconry and Gary Wilmot. In fact, the whole hour is pretty much a love letter to falconry, Gary Wilmot and PopMaster.