ROCKER Steve Grimmett is back in Swindon this weekend after a month in hospital in Ecuador where he had to have part of his leg amputated.

Steve, 57 was on a five-week tour of South America with his band Grim Reaper when he started to feel ill.

After being admitted to hospital, a small infected wound on Steve’s foot spread to his bones and resulted in doctors in Guayaquil amputating part of his leg above the knee.

Since then, more than $14,000 has been raised to pay for his medical bills after his insurance company refused to pay due to his pre-existing diabetes.

After 10 days recovering from his fifth operation, Steve arrived back in Swindon on Thursday.

Speaking from the Great Western Hospital where he is recovering, Steve said it was a relief to be back home.

“The support online has been phenomenal and I feel very humbled,” he added. “There were times where I didn’t know how to take what was happening but I had to accept the injuries.

“I think I knew there was something seriously wrong when I felt bad at the show. My fans are the reason I can do this and I always do meet and greets after the show. Even when I had to sit down to perform, I still made time to see everyone before going to hospital and I think that is why there has been such a reaction online.

“I didn’t expect any of the stuff that people did for me from the messages to the fundraising page. It is overwhelming and some of the messages have brought me to tears.”

Steve’s wife Millie, 38 rushed to his bedside in Ecuador and his friends back home also did their bit to help support the musician, including organising a fundraising gig on April 1 at Riff’s Bar.

“In hospital I really needed someone I could talk to about personal things so I was so glad when Millie came out,” Steve said.

“Before that I had no way of communication with her because I didn’t have my phone so I had to make all these decisions about having my leg amputated on my own.

“Seeing all the comments online kept my spirits up. It was something that took me by surprise and it made me want to come out the other side of it. I was laying there having these operations and the only way I got through it was to think what I would have to do once I’m out.

"My fans kept me in line in wanting to get sorted and I will forever be grateful to them and everyone else who has been involved.

“Now I’m home it is trying to sort out the house and install a stair lift and widen the doorframes which seems like it is going to be a logistical nightmare but when you are dealt with a hand, you have to deal with it.”

Steve is now looking forward to having a rest when returns to his West Swindon home in the next couple of days.

To donate visit or, for details of the gig, visit the Fundraiser Event for Steve Grimmett Facebook Page.