If there's one word that is guaranteed to provoke a range of emotions, it's Brexit. Regardless of how you voted, just the mere mention of the word does something to you. Well, it certainly does something to me but before I get on my soapbox and start ranting about the repercussions of the end result, let me turn my attention to the fantastically clever show that was the latest drama from TS Theatre Productions, writes KELLY JOBANPUTRA.

This hugely impressive local theatre group performed the political comedy Eugenia, by Robert Lewis, over the last few days at the Shoebox Theatre and this polished play had the intimate crowd hooked from the start as we saw Jean in a right state.

Jean the scientist was the lead character and she was a woman who was blatantly on the edge. She was so fed up of what was happening post-Brexit that she decided to do something about it. There's no doubt that she went way too far with her protest but it was truly fascinating and entertaining to see how the drama unfolded.

This group like to produce challenging theatre and they did this in spades with this latest gem. Even the layout of the audience was different, with us being split in half as the stage was set in the middle aisle between our rows of expectant faces.

We had to constantly look left and then right as the different scenes moved from one end of the room to the other.

The script was incredibly well thought out and relevant and was utterly hilarious in several parts. The spectators responded with laughter or gasps throughout the night, especially to the thought of a 'Nigel Farage colon mousse' (my personal favourite).

The cast was made up of seven people, with most of them having many different parts to play. They were all engaging to watch but my personal favourites were Sarah Lewis who played the part of Jean (a fine actress), Ella Thomas (who had the amount of stage gusto that every star needs) and Peter Hynds (who amazingly had to step in at very short notice to fill a part when the original cast member was ill, and didn't slip up on his quickly learnt lines even once).

The initial thought-provoking comedic lines eventually turned very dark indeed and we got to see the consequences of Jean's plan to make stupid members of society infertile because 'idiots breed idiots'.

Still, Jean meant well. She was trying to help our country out, it just got out of control.

This was another fine drama from TS Theatre Productions that got everyone thinking and talking as the cast took their final bow and I applaud them for continuing to push the boundaries and producing another memorable play.