Joe Theobald, aka DJ Captain Wormhole, Looks at all things vinyl 

IN another ground-breaking move last week, this intrepid globetrotter took a trip through the wormhole (Ryanair flight FR7492).

Breaking the habit of a lifetime, I stepped down on Scottish tarmac, took a deep breath of cool Scottish air, and made my way across to arrivals. In Scotland.

We (Heather and I) were visiting the prominent town planner, and dear old friend, David ‘Davros-Davros’ Haney, a recent addition to Glasgow’s populous.

Dave picked us up from the airport in his mum’s Golf and by the time we arrived at his flat in Partick the jet lag had subsided.

We headed straight out to a hip local bar-cafe with German beer, board games and quite suitably, a soundtrack of Ghanaian disco, South African funk and Afro-Cuban music (CCA Bar, Scott Street).

After a few bites we hooked up with some of the Glaswegian contingent from Com Truise (March 16 edition) and ended up in a local music venue called Box bar. There was a decent blues band on with a bald guy fronting on the harmonica and our friend Dean did a guest bass spot and killed it.

All was well, until we succumbed to the beer and attempted a double down.

Sub Club is one of Scotland’s most famous night spots. Apparently it’s the world’s longest running underground dance club and also apparently it has a bodysonic dancefloor and according to Irvine Welsh “it always pulls along a great crowd… who really know their stuff”.

Well, that’s all very good, Irvine, but when the bouncers have their heads stuck so far up their own back sides they lick the back of their own tonsils I shall simply never be in a position to corroborate. Needless to say, we got the last laugh. 2am epigrams, butter knife wit.

The next day I had two Scotch pies from Greggs and a lone sausage roll out of an Airstream caravan. I couldn’t understand a word the chef said but he seemed very nice.

Glasgow record haul – Buzzin Fly vol. 2, Justin Martin & Ben Watt. Ella and Louis Again, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Both from Oxfam.

Also, it’s Record Store Day on Saturday.