AN Old Town vinyl record shop is getting ready for its first Record Store Day.

RPM Records in Devizes Road will open its doors at 8am tomorrow (SAT), but vinyl fans are expected to begin queuing much earlier.

The shop has been trading since last July and its joint managing directors are husband and wife team Gregg Miszkowski and Karrie Miszkowska.

Gregg said: “Record Store Day is an annual celebration of independent record stores. Loads of musicians, artists, djs and bands release special limited editions of various records.

“Some things have been released before, some things haven’t, and some things have been pressed on special picture discs, coloured discs or shaped records.”

This year’s list includes works by David Bowie, Prince, The Cure, Elastica and Neil Young. One of the more unusual exclusives is Toto’s Africa pressed on to a slab of vinyl in the shape of the continent.

Gregg added: “They’re all limited runs – there are only so many available worldwide – and they’re only made available to independent record stores.

“It’s fantastic. This is the tenth year it’s been running. I’ve been a customer for many of them and this year I’m on the other side of it. It’s our first one and we’re both incredibly excited about it.

“We’ve been advising our customers to get here as early as possible beforehand because we know for a fact that certain of our regulars will be queuing from about six.

“That’s the nature of Record Store Day – people really want to get their hands on limited vinyls that are only made available in quantities of maybe five hundred or a thousand.”

Later in the day there will be a live acoustic set from Jack Moore and a performance by indie rockers All Ears Avow.

Gregg says the shop is thriving as the resurgence of vinyl grows.

“I’m loving life! We’re really pleased with the way it’s been going. We have quite a few loyal customers now and we really, really appreciate it.

“Every single year for the last eight years records have outsold the previous year. Vinyl has its own dedicated sales chart now, which was only introduced two or three years ago.

“That speaks volumes for where vinyl’s at, and I have every faith that it will stick around, because people have this connection to a physical thing.

“There’s an ongoing argument over what sounds better – digital or vinyl. My take on it has always been that there’s only so much information that a CD or a digital format can hold.

“Vinyl, as far as I’m concerned, is as close to a studio quality sound, the sound they wanted you to hear when they were recording it, as you can get.”

The first 20 people in the queue tomorrow will receive a Fred Perry-designed record tote bag, and there will be official Record Store Day tote bags for anybody spending £100 or more.

The shop’s website is