IRREPLACEABLE jewellery was stolen from a couple’s home in Park North over the Easter weekend.


Maggie Peachey is desperate to find her rings, which were stolen when thieves entered her house while her husband was in another room and slipped out before anyone noticed they were there.


Most of what was stolen were precious gifts given to her by her family which have a lot of sentimental value.


Maggie, 60, said: “It’s soul-destroying, you don’t think somebody could just walk in and take it all.


“The jewellery didn’t have much monetary value but it’s all stuff people have given me that I can never replace.


“The cameo ring that was stolen was the last thing my mother gave me on the Christmas before she died, it means everything to me.


“My mother-in-law gave me gold Claddagh earrings before she died of cancer and they’re gone too, I can’t replace them.”


The engagement ring. bought for her by her 59-year-old husband Leslie after the original was stolen more than a decade ago, and a ring with 'Mum' engraved on it given to her by her son who saved up his pocket money to buy it were also grabbed by the burglars.


Mrs Peachey vividly remembers the day of the burglary.


She said: “I left for work at Great Western Hospital at 6.10am.


“I knew my husband was getting up soon so I didn’t lock the back door which was a silly thing to do, looking back.”


It wasn’t until Mrs Peachey returned from work and looked at the feed from her home CCTV cameras that she noticed that there had been burglars waiting outside her home while she got ready for work.


Mrs Peachey added: “There was a woman by the front garden who watched me leave and a man who came in through the back door. They ran out when they heard my husband.”


She’s lived in the house for 38 years and said she liked the area and her neighbours but recent events have left her feeling less safe at home.


She said: “I love this street, I’ve lived here so long and we’re all quite friendly but I’ve said to my husband that I want to move.


“My sister lives across the road and she said if I go, she’ll come too.


“Nowhere feels safe these days, people are breaking in in broad daylight now. It makes me paranoid.


“Elderly people don’t realise how vulnerable they are.”


Crystal jewellery and a gold chain bracelet were also taken.


Wiltshire Police said that they were investigating the burglary but could not give any more information at this time.


Maggie pleaded for anyone who could return the jewellery to come forward and help her and the police.


“I just want it back,” she said.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.