SWINDON Mind has called on people to consider the Five Ways to Wellbeing as this week's Mental Health Week draws to a close.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are evidence based steps developed by the New Economics Foundation to help improve mental wellbeing. They are to connect, be active, take Notice, to give and keep learning.

Jodie Bullock, wellbeing coordinator lead at Swindon Mind, said: "Connecting with people is really important and there is strong evidence that feeling valued or close to other people in the world contributes to our wellbeing. Social relationships are important for promoting wellbeing as well as being a buffer against poor mental health.

"So why not try connecting with others today? It could be connecting with a family member, your friends, neighbours or even having five minutes set aside to ask how someone is today. It could also be talking to a work colleague instead of sending an email.

"Being active is another way to promote wellbeing and help you to feel good about yourself. Regular activity is also associated with lower rates of anxiety and depression for all ages. Whether it is a high intensity work out or just stepping outside. Find an activity that you will enjoy which is suitable for your level of fitness and mobility.

"Remind yourself to take notice. It is easy to become caught up with things such as work or family life, without paying much notice to other things happening around you. Whether you are walking to work or stuck on a busy bus, be aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling.

"Taking notice will help you to appreciate what is important to you and will help you to make positive choices in life. Some people practice ‘mindfulness’ as a way of paying attention to present thoughts, feelings and surroundings to improve wellbeing.

"Give some of your spare time to other people. It might be helping out a friend, a neighbour, volunteering within the community or even just thanking someone, or giving a smile. Giving time to others can be incredibly rewarding and people with an interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as feeling happy.

"Lastly, keep learning is another way to help improve your wellbeing. You might want to try something new such as cooking a new recipe, exploring an old interest or even setting yourself a new challenge. Continued learning enhances self-esteem and people can experience a sense of achievement whilst learning.

"At Swindon Mind, we provide a programme of wellbeing coordination, supporting people when they need some extra help. We offer one-to-one appointments for people to explore possible solutions and base Wellbeing Plans on the Five Ways to Wellbeing."

For more information, call 01793 432031.