The dark, passionate drama of Phantom of the Opera opens the Kentwood Show Choir's spring concert in Swindon this week.

Rachel Sparrow from Kentwood, who sings the solo Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again in the Phantom section, scoured the internet to get special masks for the show, which help to create the brooding magic of the famous love story.

The Phantom title track is the opening number of the concert featuring Lauren Durrant and Will Forty, followed by the whole choir singing Music of the Night. Think of Me is performed by Gill May and the full choir finishes the segway with Masquerade.

The spring concert is on Saturday, May 20 at the Wyvern Theatre from 7.30pm.

Kentwood, led by Sheila Harrod the founder and musical director of the choir, is well respected for the high standards of the music and the professional showmanship of their concerts.

Many members of the choir have literally grown up singing with Kentwood and the singers have a camaraderie similar to one big family.

Bridget Walker is a relative newcomer to its ranks, joining a couple of years ago.

Bridget said: "I was thrilled and just a tad apprehensive. I found Kentwood pretty zingy and Sheila is a mighty zing. She explained to me about the long hours rehearsing, and the work ethic, the amount of music and words to learn was overwhelming at first, but I am lucky to be singing between lovely people whose support has been unbelievably helpful.''

Bridget has been part of the Christmas Cracker and several other concerts.

She said: "Sheila was right, the effervescence comes through knowing the work like the back of your hand. It's only then that you can let go and really enjoy it. Kentwood is a great example of musical excellence and our May show will demonstrate the love this choir has for each other and the music. It will have an awesome amount of zing!''

This year the choir's chosen charity is for Adrian May's Hope for Children. Adrian has recently completed the gruelling Marathon Des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) across the wastes of the Sahara desert to help the plight of street children.

At the Kentwood concert their will be charity buckets and leaflets and photos to raise awareness of the work of Hope for Children.

The choir will be backed by West End musical director Paul Maguire and his band which includes known musicians such as Ian Bateman on trumpet.

Other numbers in the show include Skyfall which will be sung by Susannah Bevington and the full choir, True Colours by Debbie Webb and Gill May, an Abba section, a Kismet medley based on songs from the famous film and recalling war time memories there will be a Glen Miller medley.

The finale is a full scale, full choir rendition of the Circle of Life by Elton John from the Lion King.

Tickets to the Kentwood concert are £16 from 01793 524 481 or - Flicky Harrison