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Marathon gift offer

Swindon Half Marathon was brilliant, for those who ran it, for their supporters, and for Swindon. Of that there is little doubt. Evidence is plentiful.

A number of runners from out of town and far away, told me that this event, the way it was run and the atmosphere it created, of serious challenging fun, was a wonderful surprise, flew the flag for Swindon, and enhanced our town’s reputation no end.

Others, from closer by, said that the combination of community spirit and a challenging run made them like even more people.

This kind of event breaks barriers, creates friendships, and cements existing ones.

Benefits of many other kinds, both to the town and its people, have already been mentioned in the Adver and elsewhere. As has the problem of traffic control.

To the sincere apologies already offered by run organiser Graeme Hardie and his colleagues, to any car-users whose plans or commitments, whether work or pleasure, were disrupted or ruined on Sunday, I’d like to add those of many of us runners.

We really understand the problems and frustrations you must have experienced stuck in traffic.

We are sorry, as we are for the few rude runners and message-writers who do not and are not.

There probably is no compensation for a deadline not met, a duty not done, or a children’s party missed but, by way of gesture, and certainly not wishing to add insult to injury, I’d like to offer anyone caught up in a traffic jam, which was caused by the half marathon, two complimentary tickets for any Swindon Festival Of Literature events at the Arts Centre or Wyvern from May 7 to 19 next year, or for the Children And Families Day at Lower Shaw Farm.

Let’s try and work together and look after one another, in Swindon.

MATT HOLLAND, Bib Number 2212, Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon

Run caused mayhem

AS ACKNOWLEDGED, the Sunday run in the town could have been organised much better.

The event was supposed to finish by 12.30/12.45pm. We left home in Park North at 1.20pm for dinner in Old Town, expecting to hit some extra traffic. We could not access Old Town, the Prospect car park, even the Morrisons car park in Regent Circus was closed off.

We crawled up Groundwell Road, only to be forced right at the top and round the bottom of town at a snail’s pace, just ridiculous. We accessed the car park from the back roads of North Street and Union Street - the only way in - having come via Kings Hill, Bath Road and Eastcott Hill, which was also at a standstill, arriving in car park at 2.10pm.

I am all for runs and charity events, but not when they clearly over run, and cause absolute mayhem and misery for the rest of us.

RS WEBB, Bideford Close, Park North, Swindon

Think of all us cyclists

I AM one of the Advertiser’s many hard working delivery agents that wake at stupid o’clock every day, whatever the weather to brave the outside world and cycle round delivering the musings of the day to its patrons.

I have now done this for 13 long years and still feel I have a few more left in me.

But does anyone know what we have to put up with? I have had a chap jump out in front of me threatening me to keep off the pavement, despite it being totally devoid of people and wide enough to drive a bus down.

A man so tuned in to his music and texting someone that he mindlessly just stepped into the road right in front of me, narrowly just missing him, and then he had the nerve to have a go at me.

A motorist who obviously thought I was the size of a cigarette paper and left the equivalent amount of room for me to get through.

And one who decided to get out of his car as I was going past, opening his door directly in front of me so having to avoid him but almost sent me into incoming traffic... Bad you may think, but it gets worse, that was just today!

Yes, I know cyclists are hated by all, but we are often more spatially aware than anyone else and have far quicker reactions to avoid problems.

The agents work hard to get your papers to you every day and put up with all sorts of grief, so please can we be treated with a bit more courtesy and leniency.

MIKE SAVAGE, Rodbourne, Swindon

Acid attack advice

I NOTE that the advice from NHS England (“Acid attack advice available” 2.9.17) is that victims of an acid attack should “report, remove, rinse.”

May I suggest that the reverse order – “rinse, remove, report” – would be better because it is vital to remove (or dilute) the acid immediately.

Every second that the acid is in contact with the skin produces more damage. So, first of all ‘drench’ the victim with water, then remove clothing.

MALCOLM MORRISON, Retired Orthopaedic Surgeon, Prospect Hill, Swindon

Air your views

HOW bad does it have to get before people rise up and take matters into their own hands?

Too often I hear people in pubs, shops and on buses complaining that wages have gone through the floor and prices through the roof.

Also, that they are the only tax payers, with benefit fraudsters and corporate tax dodgers getting away with murder.

Today there is a chance for Swindon people to have their say at Gorse Hill Community Centre, SN2 8DA, from 7pm.

The Swindon People’s Assembly has arranged a panel of fantastic speakers to get debate going and listen to your ideas.

NHS, education and housing and anti-austerity actions will be among the topics covered.

All are welcome at this outstanding opportunity for a respectful exchange of ideas.

TONY HILLIER, Brunswick Street, Swindon

Parking problems

I AM seeking to clarify how the parking ticket system works and to ask if it is being fairly applied.

Several weeks ago, my granddaughter, Ms J Chambers, who lives in Bramble Close, off of Chapel Street, had some work done to her back garden, to complete this, she had a load of stone chippings delivered, which was dropped on her driveway.

When she came back she parked in the roadway outside her house, which is now a cul de sac and yes has yellow lines for reasons I don’t understand.

The payment papers for a parking ticket were sent to Honda for some reason and have been delayed and she is now facing a payment of £105. She has a one-year-old baby also, so where is she now meant to park?

Recently I drove around the town at 11.21am and found the following: Wellington Street, Gloucester Street, and the main road opposite the Zurich buildings were all crammed with taxis parked on yellow lines.

The same was true for Station Road and the layby opposite the GWR Hotel, they were all crammed with taxis.

I then drove down Manchester Road and there were 10 cars, either on the main road, or the side roads, all parked on yellow lines and not one had parking ticket.

Can someone tell me me how this is being applied fairly and with 16 wardens and two managers, just what is going on?

TERRY REYNOLDS, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

Help with diabetes

WE HAVE found that many people with diabetes feel they do not have enough information to help them to manage and understand their diabetes.

So the InDependent Diabetes Trust has produced free booklets.

Our booklet, Understanding Your Diabetes, helps people to have a better understanding of the differences between the two main types of diabetes.

Two of our other booklets, Type 2 Diabetes – Management And Medication and Type 1 Diabetes – Know The Facts provide more information about each condition.

Eating the appropriate diet is part of the treatment of diabetes but many people are unsure about what they can and can’t eat.

Our booklet Diabetes – Everyday Eating helps with this, as it contains 28 days of menus of everyday, affordable meals, and much more.

In addition, at this time of year, children with diabetes may be starting new schools and we have a Passport For Schools to help parents provide information to teachers.

In addition, there is What Schools Need To Know to help teachers to look after children with diabetes.

All our booklets provide information in non-medical language to help people understand their particular treatment, improve their health and to make life easier.

If your readers contact IDDT, they can obtain copies of the leaflets. Telephone 01604 622837 or

JENNY HIRST, InDependent Diabetes Trust

Child has been failed

ANOTHER child murdered. Another chance for the hand wringers to claim ‘lessons must be learned’.

How many times can social workers who are supposedly highly trained explain their useless, desperate failings in these cases?

They can’t wait to pounce on innocent people who have been accused of smacking their child or making racist remarks.

But when it comes to a serious case where parents have repeatedly been referred to Social Services and suddenly they appear to be deaf and blind.

Shame on all of you.