A BEATBOXER and bagpipe player entertained Queen’s Park families with their positive beats and droning tunes.

Gorse Hill beatboxer Marvin Joe, 32, involved children in the chants at the second Gems Family Festival on Saturday – encouraging them to rap about things that were “good for them”.

The 32-year-old trained actor said: “I’ve loved it. The kids have been busy doing arts and crafts, stories and singing.

“It’s great there are so many different people from many different backgrounds.”

The family event was the second organised by new group Pop-Up Community at the “secret garden” in town centre Queen’s Park.

Organiser Fidelma Meehan, 51, of Walcot, said: “It’s been fantastic. We’ve had a smaller turnout this time because of the rain, but the people who have come have really loved it.

“I think we’re seeing something very powerful emerge from this very small beginning.”

Fidelma said that the event was aimed at tackling loneliness and isolation in the town.

Dad Nasar Ibrahim was enjoying a brief spell of sunshine at the park with his two daughters.

“We were walking past and saw it,” said the 44-year-old, who lives in Greenbridge with his young family. “We didn’t know if was going on. I think it’s brilliant, nice and relaxed. It’s just lovely.”

The weekend’s festival follows a similar event held last month under blissfully blue skies.

At that event, Old Town artist Rebecca Sturgeon – who also featured in the more recent fun day – joined children to create small figures from card and colourful paper.

She said of her favourite aspect of the day: “It’s just seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and the feeling of being part of something. It’s a pleasure to be involved in it.”