1951: Milk supplies in the Swindon area were cut by dairies in an unofficial rationing scheme to eke out diminishing supplies. The shortage was caused by a heavy drop in production and aggravated by the re-opening of schools. Pupils at infant and junior schools were issued with a small bottle of milk each day to help with nutrition.

1961: Mr R Reddaway, the assistant manager of the ABC Cinema, in Regent Street, said the party of 46 junior cinemagoers of the ABC Minors had been as good as gold during their recent coach trip to Bournemouth. Mr Reddaway, an enthusiastic amateur photographer and filmmaker, captured the highlights of the trip on his cine camera and planned to show the results at a future ABC Minors gathering.

1971: Swindon’s £900,000 North Star College extension opened, although some of the equipment was not working and the sports hall was not yet in use.

The world

1440: Eton College was founded by Henry VI for 25 poor and needy scholars. Prefects were warned to look out for ‘’ill-kempt heads, unwashed faces, foul clothes.’’ 1818: Richard Gatling, American inventor of the Gatling gun, was born in North Carolina.

1878: Cleopatra’s Needle, an ancient Egyptian obelisk, 68ft of granite, was presented to Britain by the ruler of Egypt and Sudan and erected on the Thames Embankment. Inside the pedestal were placed some important reminders of the British Empire, including Bradshaw’s Railway Guide, Whitaker’s Almanack and a dozen pin-ups of Victorian ladies.

1888: Maurice Chevalier, legendary French entertainer and actor, was born in Paris.

1953: Senator John Kennedy - later to be president - married Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island.

1970: Concorde landed at Heathrow Airport for the first time to a barrage of complaints about noise.

BIRTHDAYS Sir Ian Holm, actor, 86; Patrick Mower, actor, 79; Bertie Ahern, former Irish premier, 66; Scott Hamilton, jazz saxophonist, 63; Rachel Ward, actress, 60; Jennifer Hudson, singer, 36; Emmy Rossum, actress, 31.