JOHN CARTER and family can’t resist a mouthwatering invitation to check out some mighty tasty food

ITS ARRIVAL deserved to be accompanied by some kind of fanfare.

The Loaded Special. The mightiest burger I have ever seen stacked on a plate. The champion of champions. Think Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Floyd Mayweather or Lionel Messi of the burger world.

For a self-proclaimed burger specialist, these are bold statements. But this was one mighty stack that had my tastebuds tingling.

Only this time it was different. This time it was going to be devoured by my partner. Well, devoured is an overstatement. There was no chance she was going to work her way through this without a helping hand.

The Loaded Grill, in Cirencester, was the scene for this significant role reversal, but for once I didn’t feel the slightest bit of food envy glancing across at that colossal burger.

Because the Double Chicken Peri Wrap loaded on to my plate was equally impressive and full of the juiciest flavours imaginable.

Located in Castle Street, the Loaded Grill is perfect for a family meal out, with varied tastes to satisfy and as we well and truly fit the bill we were invited along to sample all they had to offer.

Think ‘upmarket Nando’s’ and you’re on the right track. The stripped-back furnishings provide a modern feel and there’s enough space over two floors to comfortably accommodate more than 70 guests.

There’s so much to choose from on the menu we were a little bamboozled as we sat down to order with my two children.

Keen to fully enjoy the peri peri experience, we tucked into a platter of Loaded Wings (£11.95) as an appetiser.

This was like playing a game of Russian roulette, with random peri peri spices meaning someone was going to end up with the extra hot flavour.

My son Austin, 13, was the recipient and as the sweat beads starting forming on his forehead I could tell he was in trouble.

Luckily, our charming waitress was on hand to supply a glass of milk and Austin had soon returned to normal colour.

My favourite was the lemon and herb spice, but the barbecue sauce also got plenty of favourable reviews from across the table.

So back to that Loaded Special… Priced at £12.95, it featured two burgers in peri peri spice, grilled halloumi and cheddar cheese, rocket salad, onion rings and coleslaw.

Accompanied by a side of sweet potato fries, I could tell my partner was going to be in trouble. In fairness, she gave it a good shot, but it was one burger too many and Austin and I had to save her the embarrassment of being so obviously defeated.

When the manager came to clear the table he looked astonished to find it gone.

“I’ve seen grown men beaten by that,” he remarked. Little did he know…

My daughter Millie, 16, took the more sensible option of a Classic Gourmet burger with cheese and a side of cheesy chips (£10.15). She was very happy with her choice and wiped her mouth with a smile of satisfaction that meant she could find room for dessert.

I chose sides of peri salted chips and onion rings to accompany my Double Chicken Peri Wrap (£13.60) and was bowled over by the mouth-watering taste.

Austin opted for an 8oz sirloin steak and a garlic butter sauce (£19.95), which was served with chips, mushrooms, grilled tomato and a mixed salad.

If we were impressed by the variety on the menu, things were about to go up several notches upon presentation of the dessert menu.

Offering sundaes, crepes, waffles and milkshakes, the Loaded Grill could easily promote itself as a dessert parlour, although it might have to change its name.

There’s so much to choose from I defy anyone with a sweet tooth not to be in heaven.

Austin opted for an Oreo Crunch Waffle (£5.95) which literally filled his plate, while Millie went for a Maltesers Milk Shake (£3.95).

I took the safe option with a scoop each of salted caramel, mint choc chip and cookie & cream gelato ice cream (£2.50 each). Simply delicious.

And my partner? After that Loaded Special there was no chance she was going to be ordering her own dessert.

But the obligatory spare spoon was required so she could ‘just try’ my salted caramel.

The Loaded Grill

37 Castle Street



01285 641195

Parking: None

Disabled access: Yes

Adver ratings:

Food: 10/10

Choice: 10/10

Décor: 8/10

Customer service: 10/10

Main course prices: £6.95-£23.95

TripAdvisor rating 4.5/5