A DAY of endurance challenges organised by a local personal trainer has raised more than £900 to help pay for his friend Charlie Dawson's new wheelchair.

Matt Glover pushed 15 fitness fans through five hours of exercises during the 'Smash It For Chaz' event on Saturday, including a 5km run around Mouldon Hill, a boot camp, a spin class, weightlifting, and boxercise.

The current fundraising total for the event is £937, which will be added to the money raised by other fundraisers which were held earlier in the year.

Matt said: "It went really well, it was a great day,

"Everyone worked their socks off, it was very tiring but very successful.

"We all got through it and everyone completed every session.

"I'm very very pleased to have raised so much and I expect that the total will hit £1,000 by the end of the week.

Moredon man Charlie arrived during the spin class to encourage everyone taking part and got involved in the boxercise session along with his dad Kevin and mum Jackie.

The 22-year-old suffers from a very rare combination of muscular disorders: paroxysmol non-kinesogenic choreoathetosis and dystonia, which cause painful involuntary full-body spasms, and ataxia, which affects his speech, balance and co-ordination.

He has outgrown the wheelchair he's had since he was a teen and wants a new state-of-the-art model which is bigger, lighter and has off-road capabilities and powered steering.

The new wheelchair would also stop him being restricted to the pavement when he goes outside and would ease the strain on his shoulders from pushing the chair manually.

Charlie's going to climb the Pen y Fan mountain in Wales later this month with a team of friends to boost the fundraising total even higher.