THE Swindon branch of Lush in the town centre has unveiled its snazzy new look after reopening a few days ago.

The spacious makeover took three weeks to complete, with new window displays, new furniture made of reclaimed wood, a new haircare unit, and more space for customers, buggies and motorised pedestrian vehicles to move through the store.

The cosmetics retailer was shut from Monday August 21 to Friday September 8 in order for the renovation work to be carried out.

Customers flocked to the shop when it reopened on Saturday September 9 to get their first glimpse of the revamped branch and have a browse of its rearranged products.

Trainee manager Shenan Fairclough was excited about the redesign.

She said: "On behalf of the staff at Lush Swindon, we are overjoyed with the amount of love and recognition our reopening has had.

"I cannot thank our customers enough, whether they be returning or new customers of Lush.

"With the new store layout, we have already seen a dramatic effect on productivity and customer satisfaction when shopping on a crowded afternoon - with Christmas around the corner, this will be a massive weight lifted from our shoulders.

"We are well aware that we have a prominent place in the Swindon High Street amongst our fellow retailers and that many visitors will come to Swindon simply to visit our store.

"We pride ourselves on this exemplary customer service and customer care that we are so recognised for and the refurbishment will only bring us more and more friendly faces.

"The store manager Luna Rusk has been battling against the odds for Lush Swindon to have an update for quite some time now but I think everyone agrees it has been worth the wait.

"All of our staff and customers have been thoroughly surprised at how much was accomplished in such a short space of time and we are so happy to have finally opened our doors.

"The remodel couldn't have come at a better time, with our seasonal launch of new Halloween and Christmas ranges less than three weeks away."