A BAND made up of musicians from around the globe which was co-founded by a Swindon musician is releasing a charity single.

The Ohm Peace Band’s song ‘Peace In Our World’ can be downloaded for free to mark the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, which is tomorrow.

Band members are hoping that generous listeners will also donate to UNICEF to support a good cause.

The band is made up of a group of musicians from all over the globe who collaborate using online recording software to write and record songs.

Pete Goss from West Swindon is a founding member of the band.

The 67-year-old said: “I work with musicians from France, Australia, Sweden and America, using Ohm Studio, which is what we named our band after.

“I used to play gigs around Swindon in a band but once you have kids and get married, you give that stuff up.

“Then when I got older, I got more time and the only way to get back into it for a guy on his own like me was to look online.

“I started using the software three years ago and the band formed a couple of months ago.”

Musicians like Pete use the software to listen to other people’s works-in-progress, then record their own music and add it to the song as part of a collaboration.

Pete added: “This song started a few months ago with a bass line and a few lyrics, then I joined the song project and added guitar chords and vocals.

“My singing wasn’t brilliant so someone else came in and re-sang it.

“It’s a really organic process, we change it and rearrange and it grows and gets better.

“The band is ever-changing, too, the list of members just keeps growing and we’ve opened it up to everyone.

“We’re not a live performing band and we’ll never make any money off it but we enjoy it and want to make a new song every month.

“We wrote this song about peace and decided it would be great to use it to raise funds for UNICEF to help the children of this world.”

The United Nations Children’s Fund provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

It provides 80 per cent of the world’s emergency food.

Pete has been playing music since the 1960’s and once sold a guitar to Dave Gregory from XTC which was then played on Top of the Pops in the ‘70s.

Listen to the song here: https://soundcloud.com/ohmpeaceband/peace-in-our-world or watch it on YouTube: youtu.be/LBrEP6nNZ8Q

To donate and download the song, visit http://ohmpeace.band