SHOCKING new pictures have been shared of drug needles near war hero graves.

The images, taken in Radnor Street Cemetery, show uncovered needles attached to syringes that appear to have been used to shoot illegal drugs.

In another picture, drug paraphernalia has been left littered across the ground. Two “sharps boxes”, designed to store used needles, are among the drugs kit left in the cemetery.

Around 33,000 people are buried in the Victorian cemetery, which also boasts 104 Commonwealth War Graves.

Yesterday, the Adver reported that council offers had found a “large amount” of needles in the cemetery during one of their clear-up sessions in the cemetery.

Swindon Borough Council, which owns the Victorian cemetery, cuts the grass in the designated local nature reserve three times a year.

As well as evidence of drug-taking, the groundsmen were also left spattered in dog excrement – from where irresponsible dog-owners had failed to pick up their dogs’ mess. The animals are banned from entering the cemetery.

The new pictures, which were taken last month by a town centre resident who did not want to be named, show that drug taking in the park is not a new phenomenon.

Another shocking photograph shows obscene graffiti, left on one of the cemetery buildings. It refers to “dirty” drug users, asking them to “stop doing crack” – believed to be a reference to crack cocaine.

Yesterday, a Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “The cemetery is designated as a local nature reserve so we only cut the grass three times a year but, sadly, we do have to check the site on a weekly basis for discarded needles.

“We would urge anyone who sees drug-related paraphernalia in the cemetery to report it to our Streetsmart team as soon as possible on 01793 445501 and we will send a team out to remove it.”