Thank you for your article in last week’s Gazette & Herald about traffic congestion in Calne.
I was the election agent for Calne Labour Party in the May local elections. This was the single biggest issue raised with us in our conversations on the doorstep and with local businesses. 
The current give-and-take system in Curzon Street is a bottleneck, leading to long delays and pollution, and effectively cutting the town in half.
The 2014 traffic survey demonstrated delays of up to 13 minutes, and this situation is becoming worse with the ongoing developments on the east of the town.
Though the long-term solution must be to extend the bypass around the east of the town, we believe that there are practical, cost-effective, short-term measures that could be taken to improve the current situation.
I welcome the action that the new Labour town councillor, John Boaler, is taking to put this on the agenda. 
This contrasts with the attitude of the Conservative councillor in your article, demonstrating that complacency extends from 10 Downing Street all the way down to a local level.
Old Derry Hill