A BADBURY Park road plunges into complete darkness every night because the developers of the estate have taken almost a year to switch on the street lights.

Concerns have been raised by residents regarding the safety of Wincombe Road due to the lack of night-time lighting – with one worried homeowner calling on Persimmon Homes to do something quickly before it gets darker earlier in the evening.

Jonathan Pankhurst moved to the area in December last year and said it was two months later that the street lights were installed but have remain switched off ever since.

“It is pitch black outside my house at night and so it gives me great concern about the safety of my family and security of my home,” the 35-year-old said.

“We have been through the summer when it wasn’t as dark but now the nights are getting darker earlier.

“The thing is that they have a duty of care to have had these ready as part of health and safety and they should have them working for when we moved in.

“It is a concern when the lights are the only thing showing that people are home at night.”

There had previously been flood lights located near a marketing cabin on the site but in the last few weeks this has since been removed.

But after raising his worries with Persimmon, and proposing that temporary lights should be installed in the meantime, the dad-of-two believes his concerns are falling on deaf ears.

“I have asked the question about providing temporary lighting and they told me they aren’t going to do it,” Jonathan said.

“I am a construction manager myself so I know all that needs to be done but it has got to the stage where I am arguing with them but not getting anywhere.

“I have two kids under two and so I don’t want other families to move here and go through what I am going through.

“Anyone walking along there at night wouldn’t be able to see where they are going so it raises health and safety issues around the area.

“Persimmon say they are working on getting the lights switched on but it has been weeks that we have had no form of lights at night.

“It should be a concern of the residents in the area.”

A spokesman from Persimmon Homes Wessex said: “We understand the customer’s frustration and are dealing with the service provider to have them working by the end of the month.”