Making sure dogs return home well-groomed will not be the only aim at a new dog salon opening next month in Shrivenham, with the management also planning to make sure it helps as many owners as possible reunite with their lost pets.

Conker’s Home Groom and Dog Delicatessen will aim to be a place where dogs can get a caring treatment: it will have no cages, and owners will be able to review CCTV footage of how their pets have been handled.

But it will also feature its own brand of aromatherapy and grooming products for pets, each with a picture of a missing dog displayed.

The venture, which being launched by Nicola Walters and two associates, is named after her own missing dog, Conker, who has not been seen for four years.

Nicola said: “We are all animal lovers really, so while there is a business element, we are giving a big chunk of the profits back to help support the dog database, to help run and maintain that site.

“There is a good reason for that database, because you have local dog wardens, but if your missing dog crosses the line into the next county the next warden will pick it up and people don’t know to try them.”

The salon will be managed by Nina Blackburn, a recipient of the RSPCA’s prestigious Arthur Broome Bronze Award, after she launched a campaign to have Harvey’s Law passed by the government.

It requires pets who are killed on Britain’s highways to be collected and identified, and for their owners to be notified.

Conker’s will also use its own range of grooming products, Nicola said: “We have launched a brand of aromatherapy oils, shampoos and conditioners for dogs.

“On the back of each product, there will be a picture of a missing dog.

“We have invited the owner of the dog to choose a charity, and a percentage of the sale will go to them.”

There will be an emphasis on animal welfare, Nicola said: “The grooming salon will have no cages, and we will have CCTV in store, so if you want to see how your dog has been has been treated, you can ask and we’ll play it back to you.

“And part of our profits from the grooming salon will go to Swindon Dog Rescue.”

Conker’s Home Groom and Dog Delicatessen will be based in Hawthorns, Shrivenham, and is due to open on the weekend of November 18/19.