An alcoholic burglar who carried on offending despite being put on a suspended sentence for a series of raids has finally been jailed.

Even though Dominic Chandler was told another conviction would lead to jail he was repeatedly given chances when he appeared before magistrates.

But after the 28-year-old assaulted a shop worker who tried to retrieve a crate of beer they had sold him by mistake he was jailed.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how Chandler had gone to Morrisons on Dorcan Way at 8.15pm on the evening of Friday August 4.

After buying a 12 pack of Carlsberg lager he took it outside and put it under a bench where his girlfriend was sleeping before heading back into the store.

When the supermarket's manager Ian Ramsay realised he had been sold the booze he picked it up and gave him a refund saying the transaction was a mistake.

Mr Meeke said Chandler then began to 'cut up rough' shouting and swearing and behaving in an intimidating, threatening, way in front of other shoppers with children.

He went to get another pack of beer and pushed the manager before a PCSO arrived and tried to 'talk him down', and when a police officer arrived he pushed him too.

Mr Meeke said that while the offences themselves were not the most serious they were committed during the course of a suspended sentence.

In December 2015 he was put on a 16 month jail term suspended for two years after admitting four counts of burglary.

In one of them, at the Mercure Hotel in South Marston, he and an accomplice took a wallet and cigarettes from a room while the occupant was having a shower.

Chandler, of no fixed abode, admitted assault, threatening behaviour and assaulting a police officer.

The court heard that in March this year he was dealt with for common assault, a month later assaulting a police officer and in June failing to comply with supervision.

Ellen McAnaw, defending, said her client had autism and ADHD and is alcohol dependant.

She said he was upset that after buying the booze, which he needs to function, he was having it taken back by the shop.

He is currently homeless, she said, and is living in a tent but after being put on the suspended sentence she said he completed the curfew.

Jailing him for six months Judge Robert Pawson said "You fall to be sentenced for common assault, assaulting a police officer and insulting words or behaviour.

"The assault on Mr Ramsay was when he perfectly correctly returned your money to you seeing the shop he works in should not have sold you alcohol.

"You have ADHD and are alcohol dependant: that doesn't mean you have some sort of right which means you can go out and offend."