A MEADOW in Shrivenham which has remained untouched by modern farming is being auctioned next week.

The 12 acres of grassland adjoining Camden Farm at Eastern Hastings and bordering the River Thames, known as Grafton Lock Meadow, is expected to fetch around £12,000 when Paul Fosh Auctions starts the bidding.

The meadow, which is common land, is subject to rights to take grass in favour of an adjoining farm.

It is designated as a site of special scientific interest by Natural England due to the rare flora and insects that call the pastureland home.

Because of this, there are strict limitations on how the land can be used and should be maintained.

Jay Ridsdale, of Paul Fosh Auctions, said: “It is a rare opportunity for someone to own this important piece of ecological and rural heritage which has remained untouched by modern or intensive farming over the years.

“This is a meadow which is effectively a time capsule unaffected by the use of modern pesticides, and the land is only farmed during certain months of the year when an adjacent farmer is permitted to take the grass for hay under historic commoners’ rights.

“There really can’t be many other pieces of untouched land such as this available to own. I’m expecting great interest in the sale. I should imagine the land may appeal to a conservationist or perhaps someone interested in studying England’s natural unspoiled heritage.”

The meadow, lot 6 in the catalogue, is being offered for sale in the Paul Fosh Auctions at the Holiday Inn on Filton Road, Bristol, on Tuesday October 24, starting at 5pm.

For more information, visit www.paulfoshauctions.com