A GLOBALLY-renowned storyteller will delight with tales taken from around the world.

Birmingham and London-based Cat Weatherill will perform at the Swindon Central Library this Thursday.

After entertaining story-lovers with tales picked up from travels across the globe, Cat will lead a discussion on the art of storytelling.

She hopes that the event will whet Swindon’s appetite for future workshops, where people will be encouraged to contribute their own stories.

Cat, who has been telling stories for two decades, said: “Everyone has a fund of stories to tell.

“Usually, people say to me, ‘I’ve no stories that anyone would want to hear’. But what I do when I’m working is show people you can find and share lovely local stories that are grounded in everyday incidents.

“It’s a very powerful thing, sharing your story. It does masses to improve self-esteem and confidence.”

She said that, currently, her favourite stories were tales of “forbidden rooms”, where characters are given the key to a room then told not to enter it.

Cat added: “There’s a delicious anticipation in what’s going to happen.”

Cat Weatherill’s The Art of Storytelling is at Swindon Central Library on Thursday, November 9, from 7pm.

The free event has been organised by Artswords and Swindon Libraries. To reserve your ticket, visit: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/our-stories-the-art-of-story-telling-with-cat-weatherill-tickets-38942688630