A GANG of men who attacked a man in the street have been remanded in custody by a judge.

Romanians Marian-Laurentiu Badea, 23, Alexandru Dinca, 26, and George Ivan, 25, had just been thrown out of a club when they punched, kicked and stamped on their victim.

Now the trio, who needed an interpreter to understand the proceedings, have been told to expect to go to prison for the incident on Monday,September 4.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, said they had been in Boston Brothers when one of them tried dancing with the victim's girlfriend when he was not there.

He said there was a 'fairly minor' altercation and bouncers stepped in to ask the group of five Romanians, including the defendants, to leave.

A few minutes later he said the victim, Lewis Cuss, and his girlfriend also left and went to get some food from a nearby kebab shop on John Street.

When they were there they saw the group approaching and there was then an exchange of words between them.

Mr Meeke said CCTV footage covering the area shows Lewis Cuss' girlfriend getting between him and the others as she tried to calm the argument down.

However her boyfriend leaned past her and slapped one of the Romanians to the face and they then set upon him.

He said Badea waded in with the first punch as the three laid in to him as he went to the ground.

Dinca and Ivan are both seen kicking and stamping on him as his girlfriend lay on top of his prone body.

Security staff from a nearby bar came running across to stop the violence and the attackers fled before the police arrived on the scene.

He said Ivan, who had blood on his hands, was arrested nearby soon after and the third handed himself in to police later in the day.

When he was questioned Badea said that he could recall an incident inside the club and grappling with someone outside but had been drinking heavily.

Dinca refused to answer questions and Ivan said he could recall little of it because of the amount he had drunk.

Badea, of Broad Street, Dinca, of Curtis Street, and Ivan, of Broad Street, all admitted causing actual bodily harm.

Simon Cooper, for Badea, said that his client may have thrown the first punch after the slap but didn't land any kicks or stamps.

Judge Tim Mousley QC said he wanted presentence reports on the men, even though a probation officer said there was little they could do with them as they speak so little English.

Adjourning the case to Friday December 1 he said: "Each of you has pleaded guilty to a serious offence. You must expect to go to prison."