A CAT was rescued by firefighters two days after he became trapped in a Royal Wootton Bassett ceiling.

The rescue came after RSPCA inspectors were unable to tease the cat out from its kitchen ceiling hiding place.

The black-and-white moggy became trapped in the High Street home on Sunday, the RSPCA said.

It is believed that the cat – who did not belong to the woman in whose house he was hiding – was startled when the homeowner walked up the stairs.

The furry feline shot into a hole between the base of a walk-in shower unit and the bathroom floor.

Worried, the homeowner called the RSPCA on Sunday.

A spokesman said: “Our advice is always to leave it if you can, to see if the cat can come back out on its own.”

But the cat was stuck firm.

A RSPCA inspector visited the house in Royal Wootton Bassett first thing this morning to see if she could coax the cat out from where it was hiding – in the cavity between the upstairs bathroom and ground floor kitchen.

It was, however, a job that required specialist tools.

A crew from Royal Wootton Bassett fire station were called shortly before 9.10am on Tuesday.

Using small tools, they cut a hole in the kitchen ceiling – carrying the cat out and leaving him in the care of the RSPCA.

The cat was now doing well, a spokesman for the animal charity said.

It had been left in the care of a nearby vet. But without a microchip or collar it was proving difficult to find details about the cat’s age or owner.

RSPCA inspectors plan to release the cat near the home where he was found – in the hope that he’ll return to his owners.

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