A HEALTHY 8lb boy – nicknamed “Babybel” – was a beautiful New Year's Day surprise for mum Kelly Bowden.

The 33-year-old from Tetbury and husband Mark did not know the sex of their new baby before the boy appeared shortly after 8am.

They are yet to name the 8lb youngster - calling him by the nickname "Babybel" picked by the baby's three-year-old brother, Jacob.

Kelly smiled: "He's been a little fidget. He's not stayed still. When he was in the [operating] theatre he grabbed the pen from the midwife."

The boy was one of seven born at Great Western Hospital in the first nine hours of 2018.

Midwives thought young Isabella would be born on Christmas Day. But she arrived a week late - at 6.45am on New Year's Day. Mum Whitnie Drewett arrived at hospital shortly after 12.30am, cutting short any festivities.

“I wanted a Guinness for my iron, but I wasn’t allowed,” joked Whitnie, 24, from Park North.

Isabella weighed more than 9lbs when she was born – a full pound heavier than older sister Amelia.

“She’s going to be quite greedy,” laughed Whitnie. “She’s been breast fed four times already. She’s going to have a little bottle feed, just to give me a break.”

Jaru Polakova, 33, from North Swindon, was resting after giving birth to her first child.

Little Grace arrived at 7.30am – after a labour that began the previous morning.

“It felt amazing to hold her,” said Jaru, a production assistant. “It’s something you can’t describe. I’m proud of myself."

Grace had been due on December 29, but was born three days late. Mum Jaru said. "I don't know why, but I had a feeling she'd be a New Year's Day baby."

The night had been a busy one for the GWH midwives, with seven babies born overnight.

Kathryn Harrison, midwifery sister on the delivery suite, said: "It's a nice atmosphere on New Year's Day. It was quite busy last night, but I think everyone stayed in good spirits."

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