BOB Dylan lyrics inspired a schoolgirl to win a national poetry competition.

Laura Perrett won a special edition i-Pod for herself and a flat screen TV in the National Poetry Day's annual competition for her poem called Sandman.

The competition coincided with the release of a compilation of Bob Dylan's music, and entrants to the contest were challenged to take inspiration from his work alongside the year's theme of dreams.

Laura, 16, entered the competition through her school, Bradon Forest in Purton, as part of the poetry day set up for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils across the country.

The schools' resource was commissioned by Sony BMG Music Entertainment as a way of celebrating poetry through the lyrics of Bob Dylan's legendary songs. Out of the 87 entries, Laura's won the praise of Cheshire Poet Laureate and National Poetry Day coordinator Jo Bell.

She said: "Laura's poem cleverly combined this year's National Poetry Day theme, Dreams, with Dylan's famous ballad style to create an inspiring and thoughtful work.

"It was encouraging to see so many children in the two age categories submitting work of such high standard - some inspired directly by Bob Dylan's lyrics, others by their own dreams and aspirations for the future. A huge thank you to Sony BMG for providing the exciting prizes and helping to celebrate the 14th National Poetry Day."

Laura said: "I'm excited as I love writing poetry and this is the first poetry competition I've won."

Sandman by Laura Perrett

Sandman possess me,
Lace your fingers in my hand,
Take me off to the Promised Land
To your photo-fitted pictures
Of the place I want to be.

Give me your amnesia sight,
And leave me guessing after night.
Those pathways leading nowhere,
Joining islands of memory.

Sandman, convince me
The dust left in my eyes,
You took it from the skies
When the stars weren't looking
They were snoozing happily.

Do you think they remember?
That pinnacle before they fell,
Into stories they'd never tell
Until the moon calls them to wake.

Sandman, possess me,
Raise me up and walk me far,
Show me those sleepy stars.
Slip and slide back down to earth.
Don't let go my hand.

Sandman you left me,
The sun swept you away,
Cleaning up the night's array.
So I watch the clocks and wait
For your return.