STUDENT Paul Taylor is hoping his new invention will solve the problem of dog mess in public places forever.

The 44-year-old from Moredon is hoping his patented Portable Poop for Dogs will be used as a revolutionary device in Swindon borough.

Paul, who has studied for more than 10 diplomas at Swindon College and the University of the West of England, came up with concept after becoming fed up of seeing dog mess on street corners.

His invention, still in the planning phase, shows an adjustable waist harness made of light material with Velcro straps joined on to a plastic dish fitted on the dog’s rear end.

The poop dish is lined with a disposable sheet which can be taken out and thrown in the bin.

“It made me feel sick and quite angry when I saw owners just letting their dogs go to the toilet anywhere,” said Paul.

“And for those owners that do pick the mess up with a glove, it can’t be a nice thing.

“I think this could make a big difference. I know it’s still in its very early stages but it could be something that any dog could use.

“I’ve had lots of feedback already – some positive saying that it would be cleaner and better for the environment and some negative saying it won’t catch on and dogs would get annoyed by it.

“I think it would be a workable product especially for health and hygiene. If it tackled the mess problem then it’s worth a go.”

Paul, who does not own a dog himself, came up with the idea in March last year, and was sparked into action after reading a story in the Adver in November.

We reported how some councillors thought dog mess was plaguing parts of Swindon so badly that Swindon Council was considering giving powers to Police Community Support Officers to fine dog owners who do not clean up after their pets.

But an amendment moved and voted through by Conservative councillors changed it to a promise to enter into discussions with Wiltshire Constabulary on the issue and to support updated by-laws dealing with dog fouling.

Paul hopes 2009 will be the year his idea turns into a reality.

He has already has the support of college lecturers.

He hopes to raise enough money to first produce a prototype.

He then intends to show it off in front of the great and the good on the popular BBC show for budding entrepreneurs, Dragons’ Den.

If you would be interested in investing in the device or would like to offer feedback to Paul, call him on 07538 128 058.