WONDERS from the world of science were revealed to the public during a special festival.

The Festival Of Innovation, at Wroughton Science Museum, was a free event celebrating technology and innovation of the past, present and future.

The event on Saturday and Sunday saw more than 10,000 people descend on the airfield at Wroughton, right.

Highlights included demonstrations of “green” technology from electric motorbikes, facts about the first zero-carbon race at the Isle of Man TT to the hydrogen fuel cell car the DAF 44.

Visitors packed out the museum’s library to watch a presentation on the jet and hybrid rocket Bloodhound.

Mike Woloschuk, 23, said the event was a fantastic opportunity to come face to face with the museum’s never-before-seen technological gems.

“I came purely for the Bloodhound really,” said Mike, from Stanton St Quintin, near Chippenham.

“But I wasn’t quite expecting so much to be here.

“I had a good look around the green motorbikes but felt really guilty about my own very non-eco motorcycle at home.

“I really enjoyed it and the whole thing was a great learning experience for all ages.”

James and Janet Smith travelled from Kidlington, in Oxfordshire, to take a look around the science museum’s collection of motor vehicles.

James, a vintage car enthusiast, said: “I would love this to be an annual thing because we are so lucky to have the museum here with all its treasures.

“I would love to take my grandchildren as there is so much that they could do and learn.

“And I would love to take a peek in the other hangars too.”

Sue Dewey, the senior project manager at Wroughton Science Museum, said she was thrilled by the amount of interest the event drew.

“We’d love it to be an annual event,” she said.

“This could be such a huge event which really puts Swindon on the map.

“If the weekend footfall is anything to go by it is really something people want to see.”

Only two of the museum’s large storage hangars were open at the event but Motorola installed hi-tech camera equipment in the sealed off storage areas so visitors could still browse via video link.

Sue said: “We are absolutely thrilled with the response to this year’s event and hope with the continued support of our visitors and sponsors we can make this a growing annual event.”

For more information about Wroughton Science Museum, call 01793 846200 or visit www.science museum.org. uk/wroughton.