RWE Npower has confirmed 100 jobs will be lost and another 100 transferred as part of a restructuring of its business.

A source inside the energy firm, which has its headquarters at Windmill Hill Business Park, said staff were told at a company meeting in July there were going to be redundancies.

And yesterday it was revealed that 200 jobs in total will either be lost or transferred from the engineering and technical support departments of the company, which has offices in Swindon and Yorkshire.

The company has refused to comment on exactly how many jobs will be cut in Swindon as this is a decision made at the end of the consultation process.

Richard Frost, a spokesman for RWE, said: “There are around 700 jobs in the group, not just in Swindon – around 100 of those will be transferred to other jobs within the RWE operation, for example RWE Energy, our renewables business.

“Then at the end of 2011 another 100 jobs will actually cease. Not all of these will be in Swindon.

“It’s about providing value for our customers and we have to make sure we are cost effective.

“The big focus is on making sure we have the resources that we need and that involves transferring people to where we need them.”

Mr Frost said he could not say how many jobs will be lost at the firm’s Swindon headquarters as this was still subject to a final decision.

“We cannot say at the moment because we are still going through a consultation process to determine which jobs go and which jobs do not,” he added.

A caller who did not want to be identified said: “Between now and October they are all having their interviews to see if they there are other jobs they can do.”

“There are some people who have been there for years and would get a large pay-off but there are young guys with families.

“People are unsettled but that is true of any situation like this – it’s a lot of people however you look at it, so it’s going to be difficult. No one wants to be out of work in this market.”