WILTSHIRE Probation Trust has been named the best in the country according to the latest inspection report issued by the National Inspectorate of Probation.

The inspection looked at three key areas – how well offenders are controlled to make sure the public are kept safe, whether they received effective punishment for their crimes and how well offenders are helped to change their behaviour.

Not only were Wiltshire Probation top overall, with a combined score of 81 per cent, they also they got the country’s highest ratings in each of the three assessment areas.

They scored 81 per cent for control of offenders, while the national average is 72 per cent, 85 per cent for punishment, with the national average at 79 per cent and 78 per cent for help and change of offenders compared to the national average of 71 per cent.

Paul Aviss, chairman of Wiltshire Probation Trust, said: “This is an absolutely outstanding result.

“To be the country’s best in just one of the assessment areas would have been an achievement, but to be the best in every area and best overall is truly exceptional.

“It is a real testament to the skill and dedication of all the managers and staff who work at the Trust in Wiltshire, particularly during such challenging times for the public sector.”