A SWINDON MP has blasted a Labour MP whose protest led to the banning of a beer called “Top Totty” from the Parliamentary bar.

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson, accused the MP – who argued the name demeans women – of a massive sense of humour failure.

And he tweeted: “Have to say I had a pint of ‘Top Totty’ before #stupidlypoliticallycorrect Labour got it banned from Commons bar – highly recommended!”

The beer was removed after Kate Green, Labour’s equalities spokeswoman, intervened in the Commons to complain it was offensive.

The £2.70-a-pint beer was banned from the Strangers’ Bar – where MPs can take guests – within an hour of Ms Green’s complaint.

She said: “I was disturbed last night to learn that the guest beer in the Strangers’ Bar is called Top Totty, and that there is a picture of a nearly naked woman on the tap.”

Brewed in Stafford, Top Totty boasts a pump plate with a cartoon picture of a bikini-clad bunny girl. It is described as “blonde, full bodied with a voluptuous hop aroma.”

Slater’s Ales, the beer’s family-run brewery in Staffordshire, said the outcry has seen its orders double.

Vicki Slater said: “I just couldn’t believe that in this economic climate, a Labour MP would get excited about the name of a beer.

“But after all this fuss, it sold out. People have phoned from all over Britain asking us to supply their pubs – we’re delivering twice as much Top Totty as we ever have before.”