AN author who will release his first book tomorrow has said that writing helps to tame his wild imagination.

Peter Collins, 44, will have his children’s book Quest For The Column – A Rats Tale, published by Olympia, and he hopes that it will be the first of many.

Peter, who works for Nationwide Building Society, took up writing 10 years ago as a way to utilise his imaginative side – but never thought he would ever see his work published.

He said: “The writing was a good outlet for my imagination, it would stop it running away with itself.

“I have just been writing alongside my ordinary job.

“I feel brilliant that my book is being published, I never dreamed of it.

“I sent the publishers a little bit of the story and then waited to hear back for them, which didn’t happen for a while, but when I did it was exciting because it was one step closer.

“They seemed to like it and then I guess we are here now.”

The book tells the story of two rats who have been sent by their chief on a quest to find a column, but the quest is not an easy one as they have no idea what the column is or, indeed, what it looks like.

The book, which is aimed at children aged eight and over, follows the rats’ journey, which eventually ends up in London.

Peter said: “I based it on rats because I like rats. I know they are not hugely liked, but I saw a programme about them a few years ago which prompted my interest in them.

“The story is not set in Swindon but it is based on the town. “It follows two rats who have been sent by the chief rat in the sewers to find a column but they have no idea what it is and neither does the chief.

“I think, like any author, I am hoping that it gets children reading more. It is a great feeling to know that I will be able to hold a book that is something that I have created.

“I would like to keep being published – at the moment I am happy writing children’s books, but I do have a few ideas for adults books.”

The book will be available to buy online from tomorrow.