MOURNERS packed into Holy Family Church yesterday to pay their respects to much-loved music man Ron Travolta.

The popular DJ, whose real name was Ron Inglis, had been known as a breakfast show presenter on Swindon 105.5fm and as a familiar face of the town’s music scene before he died earlier this month from a heart attack the day before his 55th birthday.

He had been due to marry station manager Shirley Ludford, who led tributes to him at a service at the church, in Marlowe Avenue, along with his children Laura and Chris and brother Gary.

The Rev Jeremy Rigden, who led the service, read Shirley’s tribute on her behalf.

“Ron was meticulous, fair, generous and kind,” he said.

“In March he proposed to me – he got down on one knee and when I asked how long I had to reply he said 60 seconds. I made him wait 50 and then said yes.

“I’ve never seen anyone so happy and after the brief moment of thinking ‘what have I done’, it felt right and exciting. He always promised we would have a fun day.

“Her final words to Ron are ‘until we meet again I will miss you and I love you’.”

The Rev Rigden also read Chris’ tribute to the tearful audience of more than 200 people.

He said: “My dad was funny and was always playing jokes. He once called me from the kitchen, told me to take two paces left and put my hand out –when I did he put the kettle in my hand because he wanted a cup of tea.

“He was always there for me and he taught me some life lessons. It’s good to laugh and my dad did plenty of that.

“I didn’t know until after he died but he was going to ask me to be his best man, which I would have loved to do and would have made me proud.”

Ron’s casket was led out of the church to the sound of Blue Moon, the song of his beloved football club Manchester City, which he used to play on his breakfast show at the community radio station.

Following the hour-long service, the mourners moved on to Kingsdown Crematorium where more tributes were read and he was laid to rest.

Donations are welcomed to both the British Heart Foundation and Swindon 105.5fm, which is raising money to start DJ-ing courses in his memory.