A COUPLE are appealing for information after a dog attack left their greyhound fighting for her life.

David Jones, 72, of Upper Stratton , was walking their 11-year-old greyhound, known as Romper, in Meadowcroft Rec at 11.45am on Sunday when a Rottweiler or bull mastiff-type dog appeared out of nowhere.

Romper suffered a puncture wound in her side and had a chunk taken out of her back, before slipping out of her lead and running back home chased by the dog.

David’s wife, Marian, 71, said: “We don’t know where the dog came from. “My husband kicked the other dog and got him off. Our dog ran away and this other dog chased him to our house. “I opened the front door and my husband was shouting ‘shut the door.’ This dog was staring at me and it had blood coming from its mouth from where he took a piece out of Romper’s back.

“He ran off down the road and I chased him. By the time I had hobbled down the bottom of the road he had disappeared.”

The other dog had a collar with a blue tag.

“It is a very thick-set, dark brown or black dog. The owner wasn’t around,” Marian said.

Romper has had surgery, stitches and is currently on a drip but vets are unsure whether she will make a full recovery.

She has been at Drove Veterinary Hospital, in Croft Road, since the attack on Sunday, and the couple have spent more than £1,000 trying to save her.

“If it had been a little dog it would have been killed,” said Marian. “We want to prevent it from happening to anyone else. Romper is so timid, she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“My husband kicked the dog but he didn’t retaliate to him. It just seemed to want our dog. “We want to thank the vets for everything they’ve done, they’ve been really good.”

Anyone with information should call Wiltshire Police on 101 or the dog warden on 01793 445501.