A TEENAGER flaunted her party lifestyle on Facebook shortly before being convicted for setting up a burglary at the shop where she worked as a trainee manager.

Savannah Leigh posed next to a vodka bottle, on nights out, and flashed the latest designer trainers and high-heels on her profile. The 19-year-old also posted snaps of a skiing holiday in Bulgaria.

She had hoped to line her pockets by making sure she was at home playing Scrabble with her mum and boyfriend at the time of the raid.

But the former Churchfields student did not realise the company’s alarm company would identify her key as the one used to disable the system.

She was arrested within hours of reporting the break-in after arriving for work at Family Bargains in Mannington Retail Park CCTV footage showed the unit was entered shortly after 10pm on July 1 and a figure had gone to the alarm panel.

After disarming the system the raider went straight to the office area, opened the safe and made off with the day’s takings, which were £2,434.40.

Prosecutor Hannah Squire told Leigh’s court case that the duty manager had locked up at 6pm on July 1. “They were out by 10.10pm,” she said of the thief.

“They were in the store for just short of eight minutes.”

Leigh raised the alarm when she arrived for work.

But when the alarm company were alerted about the crime, it knew which key had deactivated the system, and Leigh was arrested the same day.

The teenager told police that the alarm key had been in her possession all the time, and she had been at home playing Scrabble with her mother and boyfriend.

But when she was formally interviewed she admitted she had arranged for a friend to carry out the burglary. She said she had planned to get a cut of the money but it has never been recovered and she has not said who her accomplice is. She admitted burglary at Swindon Crown Court.

Leigh, who has never been in trouble before, received an eight-month jail sentence suspended for a year, a night-time curfew for 12 weeks and 130 hours of unpaid work.