Earwigs, Nicolas Cage, being heckled on the escalator at Leicester Square tube station and the Sugababes... a weird mix maybe, but all promised as probable gags by stand-up comedian Norman Lovett when he comes to Swindon next week.

The former Red Dwarf star (he played Holly, the ship’s computer) will be performing his show LOL@NOLO at the Arts Centre on Wednesday. Tickets are £12 by calling 01793 614837.

He has some trouble summing up what the show it about, saying: “I find it difficult to describe my stand-up comedy and I would sooner drink a load of ink or something when someone asks me to do so.”

But among the comments from critics are “Lovett turns aimlessness into an art” and “the man is a natural born comic…his delivery is so deadpan, he makes Jack Dee seem like Ken Dodd”, so it’s a pretty good indication you’re in for something special.

Born in Windsor, Norman was well into his 30s before he decided to become a stand-up comedian.

He played the original Comedy Store many times and even supported The Clash, which he says was one of the highlights of his career.

Television and radio followed, including the Red Dwarf role for which he is best known. Norman played Holly throughout the show’s first and second series, before returning at the end of series seven and for series eight.

After Red Dwarf, Norman had his own BBC2 sitcom called I, Lovett, in which he played an eccentric inventor (also called Norman) He also appeared as Dr Lovett in the short-lived sitcom Asylum, which saw him work alongside comedians Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson and Julian Barratt.

Among hismore obscure role was that of a stage manager in Gordon The Gopher’s sit-com with Philip Schofield.