A MAN has admitted to spending money that had been stolen from a charity for the disabled.

Shawn Kemar Grant, 27, appeared at Swindon Magistrates’ Court yesterday after money belonging to the Disabled Parenting Network, based at Kembrey Park Industrial Estate, appeared in his bank account.

Grant was charged with retaining wrongful credit to which he pleaded guilty.

It was said that between August 16, this year, and September 30, Grant received wrongful credit of £4,501.69 which had been made into his Halifax account.

Grant dishonestly failed to make sure that the credit was cancelled by calling his bank when the money went in and although he admitted to spending the money he claimed he did not know where the money had come from.

On behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service, James Burnham, said: “Grant ended up with charitable funds in his bank account which he spent rather than giving them back like he should have done. £4,501.69 is the sum the charity has lost as a result of him spending the money.

“He accepts money was received into his account and accepts he did spend it and when he spent it he knew it wasn’t his to spend.

“I don’t think he accepts very much where it came from.”

Defence solicitor Gordon Hotson told the court on his client’s behalf: “Mr Grant has made his guilty plea at the earliest opportunity for which he is entitled to maximum credit.

“Money has ended up in his bank account, he claimed it didn’t know where it had come from.

“He had not given any one his bank account details, he did not know either of his co-defendants.

“He said he did not know how it had got there. Instead of doing what he should have done which is immediately contacting the bank, regrettably now he did not do that.

“Over a period of time he went through that money and used it for his own purposes.

“He accepts he was dishonest.

“When he was questioned by the police her told them everything he knew about it.

“He made it very clear he did not have anything to do with the charity.”

Chairman of the magistrates bench David Holder adjourned the case for a pre-sentence report to be drawn up.

He said:”Unfortunately we are not able to determine sentence today because we need to receive a pre sentence report about you before determining sentence.”

Grant was released on unconditional bail to appear back for sentencing on November 1.

Stephen Rowland, 21, appeared at court alongside Grant yesterday to plead not guilty to three charges theft whilst employed by Disabled Parenting Network.

Deana Elgebery,19, also pleaded not guilty to a charge of concealing criminal property. They will appear at Swindon Crown Court on November 21.