BUSINESSMEN Stuart Morgan and Andy Rohrer, who already work together as property developers and builders, have founded a new construction machinery hire business, Tiger Plant.

The new company, based at Clearwater Business Park in Swindon, has grown rapidly over its first few months. The team offers machines for hire for use by the homeowner with smaller building projects right through to commercial developments.

Andy and Stuart set up Tiger Plant when they realised one of their continuing problems on their building sites was getting the right plant to the right place at the right time.

Andy said: “We wasted so much time trying to source plant for our own projects we realised other businesses must experience similar problems.

“We both saw an opportunity to do something about it by investing in high quality plant for businesses and supplying qualified people to operate the machines in a safe and efficient manner where necessary.

“Often when we hired in machinery it was dirty, poorly maintained and not in good order.

“This meant we were paying to hire plant and then had to endure down time in the project to get the machinery working properly, or wait for someone to fix it.

“Many small businesses will find it difficult to rent heavy machinery for short periods from large franchised plant hire companies so we wanted to make it easier for these people to hire larger machines for short periods.”

Stuart said: “Our business customers vary enormously. We’ve been hiring plant to other building companies and sometimes other hire companies who require extra capacity.

“We do this because we firmly believe in collaboration. We also support a lot of companies involved in projects around the environmental studies such as those who are dealing with contaminated land, removal of diesel tankers, removal or installing underground equipment and containersor those involved in digging trial pits for contamination assessments or archaeological studies.”

Stuart and Andy have been working together in the building trade for the last six years. They first met in 2009 when Andy rented an office from Stuart and their professional relationship grew. They both live in Swindon and are well known in the construction and property development scene.