A CHRISTMAS Wish has been granted for a schoolgirl who helped her family out when times got tough.

Kayleigh Bremner, 11, who is a pupil at Bradon Forest School, was treated to a trip in the Adver vintage bus to see the pantomime in Bristol after being nominated by her mum, Joanne.

Kayleigh helped her grandfather, Neil Baines, while her nan, Mandy Hartley, was in hospital for two weeks by going to stay with him in The Prinnells.

Joanne, 37, of Shaw, said: “This year she has been a total godsend. Earlier in the year her nan was ill.

“Kayleigh went and stayed with her grandad all that time, and she took it upon herself to clean the house and make sure her grandad and the other members of the family – six in total – had hot dinners waiting for them when they got in from work.

“She made a massive difference. She was like the mother of the household.

“When my dad got back in from work he had to go straight up to the hospital. He wouldn’t have had a proper meal if it wasn’t for Kayleigh.

“We didn’t ask her to do it, she just did it all herself. She wanted to do it to help. I never knew she could cook like that before. She cooked pies, potatoes, vegetables. Different stuff all the time.

“Also, when I have been in bed sick this year she has taken it upon herself to take her two-year-old brother under her wing and be his second mother. She has done everything for him, all this without being asked.”

Kayleigh and her family were taken to see Aladdin at Bristol Hippodrome for the Christmas Wish.

It stars street dance sensation Flawless as the Peking Police Squad, and sharing the role of the magical genie of the lamp are Loose Women star Carol McGiffin and Bristol favourite and Big Brother winner Josie Gibson.

“I haven’t had the money to treat Kayleigh in return and she has never once expected or asked for anything. She has done all this out of the goodness of her heart. I just wanted to repay her and show her how much I appreciate what she has done for us all,” said Joanne.

“The pantomime was brilliant. Even the older kids liked it – none of them had ever been before. Kayleigh really enjoyed it. She wrote me a thank you card afterwards.

“Thank you for granting a Christmas Wish for Kayleigh.”