SINGING sensation Jahmene Douglas has what it takes to win the X Factor, according to his best friend in the competition.

Jade Ellis, who was knocked out of the competition last week, performed at Bushwackers on Thursday night and has said that she will be rooting for her ‘little brother’.

The pair became close friends during their time on the show and Jade has said that she will even be going round Jahmene’s for Sunday lunch in the future “whether he likes it or not”.

She said: “Jahmene he is like my little brother, although he would hate me for saying that, he probably wants me to say ‘my husband’, he does correct me.

“We are so close, he is just so funny and I think we have a lot in common and we can open up to each other.

“We get on really well, he is the funniest guy you are ever going to meet.

“He comes across as this really shy person and then all of a sudden his got these real comical one liners, it is so funny.

“I have already made friends with his mum so he has no choice, so I will be around for Sunday dinner whether or not he has invited me or not.”

Former Asda employee Jahmene was seen switching roles with his mentor Nicole Scherzinger this week as she put on the Asda uniform at a store in Leyton, London.

The 22-year-old singer has become one of the favourites to win the competition and Jade says that he is in her top three to take the prize, which includes a recording contract.

She said: “If i had one word for Jahmene it would be endurance.

“He has got the talent, there is no doubt about it, but he just needs to hang on in their because it is a long competition.

“I definitely think he has what it takes to win, he is in my top three with Ella and James, and I will definitely be rooting for him.”

Hundreds packed into Bushwackers in Fleet Street on Thursday night as the club hosted the X Factor finalist.

Jade said it was nice not having to perform in front of the watchful eye of the judges and would love to come back to Swindon.

She said: “The X Factor from start to finish has just been an amazing experience, I have just gone from someone who has sung at their house to someone who has sung in front of millions of people.

“It was quite nice to perform [at Bushwackers] knowing that I wasn’t going to get judged at the end of it really.

“It was really good the crowd in their were really warm, they were really lovely and I would like to come back every week they were so nice.”

Jahmene will be performing on ITV on Saturday night at 8.20pm.