JAHMANIA is sweeping Swindon and the latest venue to get swept up in X Factor fever is The Curry Place Tandoori, in Rodbourne Road.

The resturant has created its very own tribute to Jahmene by making one of their dishes in the appearance of The X Factor logo.

The Tandoori fish dish has been created especially using ingredients including salmon, herbs and spices to give it the vibrant red colour.

Assistant restaurant manager, Beetoshoke De, said: “We are making it as a tribute to Jahmene, it’s a Tandoori salmon dish,which is one of our best selling top notch dishes, and we are trying to make the dish look like the symbol of the X Factor.

“We have been here for so many years in the community and we feel it is our responsibility and duty to support local people in the small ways we can.  

“As he is an X Factor finalist and we are a restaurant in the local community we like to stand out by helping noble causes, although this sounds cheesy it gives us a bit of an extra factor so this is why we are doing this to support Jahmene Douglas.

“We hope he wins and makes us all proud”

Mahmod Ali, restaurant manager, said: “We are doing this because we want to show Jahmene we are behind him and that he has our backing and support.

“We would love him to win, we are so excited and have been voting for him."